Education on Depression & Bipolar Disorder – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Education on Depression & Bipolar Disorder – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

The path to mental health begins with knowledge.

People who have mood disorders can more readily achieve wellness when they recognize the symptoms and understand the issues related to this spectrum of conditions.  Written in plain English and crafted in consultation with both peers and leading clinicians, DBSA educational materials help people with diagnoses and their loved ones to know what mood disorders are, and what can be done for treatment and management.



“With a MedicAlert ID, physicians and first responders in medical emergencies, including law enforcement, will be able to recognize the needs of individuals living with mental illness and treat them appropriately. This will also help reduce responses based on misperceptions and stigma surrounding mental illness” said Michael J. Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of NAMI.

Living WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

Living WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan


Mary Ellen Copeland explores how people use WRAP daily as their guide to recovery and wellness. Her presentation includes stories that she has gathered from people around the world who use WRAP; stories that illustrate the challenges of using WRAP, and the power of WRAP in helping people to improve the quality of their daily lives and going on to meet their own goals and dreams.