First of all I DO NOT play by rules!!! I need about 20 minutes today!!! My IG inbox was full of WONDERFUL COMMENTS!!! Then I had great feedback comments left on posts too. My IG friends are wonderful. They give me strength to continue ADVOCATING for mental health and racism against marginalized groups. I will continue to advocate for decolonization in education as well. I will talk about the elephant in the room. I’m not shy and I do not care how it makes other people feel. I have friends as far as the UK and South Africa. Many individuals will complain about things but “volunteering AND getting involved” is a foreign concept to them. I’ve been invited to Oklahoma City to help with a mental health project. I really want to do it but because of my health it’s best I stay near my specialist. 😪 I want to say Mvto (Thank you)!!!! to everyone that leaves me comments/feedback. I never mind if you have a question and need me to explain anything. You all give me strength through ALL the medical conditions I’m dealing with to keep advocating. I advocate for individuals with pre-existing conditions. I’m in the same boat. People should not die because they can not afford insulin. At the same time I will not tolerate shaming people for having a mental illness. I will come for your a****.

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