First of all I DO NOT play by rules!!! I need about 20 minutes today!!! My IG inbox was full of WONDERFUL COMMENTS!!! Then I had great feedback comments left on posts too. My IG friends are wonderful. They give me strength to continue ADVOCATING for mental health and racism against marginalized groups. I will continue to advocate for decolonization in education as well. I will talk about the elephant in the room. I’m not shy and I do not care how it makes other people feel. I have friends as far as the UK and South Africa. Many individuals will complain about things but “volunteering AND getting involved” is a foreign concept to them. I’ve been invited to Oklahoma City to help with a mental health project. I really want to do it but because of my health it’s best I stay near my specialist. 😪 I want to say Mvto (Thank you)!!!! to everyone that leaves me comments/feedback. I never mind if you have a question and need me to explain anything. You all give me strength through ALL the medical conditions I’m dealing with to keep advocating. I advocate for individuals with pre-existing conditions. I’m in the same boat. People should not die because they can not afford insulin. At the same time I will not tolerate shaming people for having a mental illness. I will come for your a****.




This is not to say anyone should disclose their mental illness to everyone. Not at all in the wrong situation someone could try to use it against you. However ignoring your symptoms and not getting treatment is what I am referring to. I “use to be” all about medication. Until I found out I was misdiagnosed and have been taking a crap load of “wrong medications” for seven years. Plus one of them has caused my hair to thin and start falling out. I’m going to starting doing what my ancestors did, use all natural herbs. I think medication does work for some individuals though just not for me. Therapy is really helping.