30891202-AE38-4A8E-AD9A-B06DBF060FF2Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I have posted. I have been doing some processing a few things were not adding up. I did some research. Then made an appointment with a Psychologist (PhD). After many sessions, two 150 page personality test and six weeks of mood charts. She also requested my records from two hospitalizations. I was referred to a therapist. I have had a few sessions with her as well. Both spoke and concluded I was misdiagnosed in 2012. I do not have bipolar one. I was placed on Celexa for depression. Then had a reaction which gave manic symptoms. For some reason I do not do well on antidepressants. This is not the first one I had a reaction to. We ruled out borderline personality. I told my therapist at this point I’m so frustrated. I am not interested in adding any other diagnosis to my portfolio only to maybe find out years later it’s wrong. I’m tired of the mental health merry go round.
I do not need a new label. We can just treat my symptoms and focus on healing from traumas. Since 2016 I have been dealing with depression, anxiety and insomnia a lot.